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Jewels Pet Care is the answer to all your pet care needs! We provide pet sitting, training, and pet care services. Every pet is unique, so we tailor our services to accommodate your pet's needs and personality. Our care providers understand that young pets are energetic and may want more play time, while seniors want to relax and have a belly rub. We pride ourselves on being sensitive to timid pets and will gently work to gain their trust. Pets are like people; some relationships take time to develop, while others start strong right from the beginning. You can feel comforted knowing we will adjust our approach to best suit your pet.

Happy pets make a happy home!

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Meet & Greet

All of our services begin with a Meet & Greet. We will come to your home to meet you and your pets. This is your opportunity to evaluate us and decide if you would like to engage our services. During the meeting, we will talk about your service needs, your schedule, your household, and of course, your pets. Please feel free to ask questions!!

If you decide to move forward with Jewels Pet Care, the notes will be incorporated into the Service Agreement. There is no charge for the Meet & Greet, which normally lasts about half an hour.

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Dog motivational training. Trainer gives the husky a reward

Service Agreement

If you decide that Jewels Pet Care is right for you and your pets, we will promptly send you an email with a draft of the Service Agreement. The draft document will include the notes made during the Meet & Greet and a written quote for our services. This is your opportunity to review the notes and add any details you may have thought of since the Meet & Greet. Once you let us know that you agree to the quote, we will add you to our calendar and finalize your Service Agreement. You must notify us in writing! Email is OK. Otherwise, your service dates are not reserved.

Finalizing the Service Agreement well before your service dates is advantageous, especially for holiday service dates. This allows us time to review the information you may have added to the Service Agreement and ask questions if necessary. Additionally, the finalized Service Agreement is an important planning tool to ensure we have the resources to meet your needs.

Please refer to each service area below for payment terms and conditions.

Pet Sitting/Play dates/Dog Walks

Our play dates and walks are fun! We come to your house and let your pets outside to answer nature's call. Then, we play! That can be everything from chasing tennis balls to belly rubs, whatever your pets like. Our walks can be for exercise or just to explore or sniff for fun. Each play date or walk includes a water bowl refresh, clean up after nature calls, and we will send a text to let you know the visit is complete and how it went.

Duration Price
30 mins. (approx.)$23
60 mins. (approx.)$42

Play Date/Walk Payment Terms and Conditions:

We are a small business and appreciate payment before engagement.

Overnight Pet Sitting

We know you would love to take your pet with you everywhere, but sometimes that is impossible. Our pet-sitting service is the answer! You can feel comforted that your pet is home in familiar surroundings and will receive lots of love and attention while you are away.

Our Care Providers will stay in your home overnight and then will return to your home once during the day. Please note this schedule can be amended to meet your pet's needs.

The overnight service includes:

  • Water Bowl Refresh
  • Feeding
  • Medication (No Additional Charge)
  • Play and Walking
  • Love and Attention
  • Clean Up After Nature Calls
  • Text to Let You Know When We Arrive in the Evening and When We Leave in the Morning
  • Comments as to How Your Pet is Doing
  • Household Services: Mail Pickup, Opening and Closing Drapes Moving and Returning Trash Cans on Trash Day.
Duration Price
Overnight (approx. 6 pm-8 am) PLUS one mid-day visit of 30 minutes$125
Overnight Only Service (no mid-day visit)$102
Additional 30-minute visits. (1 or 2)$23

Overnight Pet Sitting Payment Terms and Conditions:

When an overnight pet-sitting engagement is 5 days or more, a 20% deposit is required to secure the engagement. Until the deposit is received, your engagement is not finalized. The deposit is refundable if cancellation occurs one month before the engagement. Otherwise, the deposit is not refundable. The remaining balance is due on or before the first day of service.

Payments are due on or before the first service date when an overnight pet-sitting engagement is 4 days or less.

Payment can be made by cash or check payable to Jewels Pet Care or Venmo.

If payment in full is not received on or before the service date, service will not be provided.

Dog training silhouette

Dog Training

Jewels Pet Care proudly offers dog training through Rudy's Friends Dog Training, Inc. Please be sure to visit

Rudy's Friends uses "Positive Motivational Training" methods to make training fun and happy so your dog will learn that responding to commands can be a great experience.

Group classes are offered at Vienna Pet Spaw and Loyal Companion locations in Vienna and Tysons/Falls Church. Group classes are limited to 4 dogs. Additionally, Rudy's Friends offers in-home and private training sessions.

For more information, click on the "contact us" below to submit an email.